FAQ: Questions that you never actually asked, but might want to (and the answers).


Why are you making a 'Van de Kleut' family tree ?

I started to work on the 'Van de Kleut' family tree as a present to my father for his 65th birthday in January 2005. On his birthday the family tree had already a substantial size, but was far from finished. Afterwards I could not resist to search for additional info. While working on the family tree, I found out that it has become a very addictive hobby. Although its relevance is minimal, I am now trying to make the family tree as complete as possible.


Where did you find all this information ?

I obtained info for the family tree from various sources. The oldest information comes from registers of the municipal archives of Barneveld and Ede. Next to this, a lot of older genealogy info can be found in a genealogy database on the internet, called Genlias. This database is based on the original registers of the municipal archives in the Netherlands (and also of some church communities). This database is not complete yet, so I regularly check it for fresh info. Also, to guarantee peoples privacy, the Genlias database contains only birth records older than 100 year, marriage records older than 75 years, and death records older than 50 years. 


To find more recent information for the family tree, I have googled the internet using 'Van de Kleut' as a search key. This resulted, amongst others, in email addresses of several Van de Kleut's. Almost every Van de Kleut that I contacted by email was willing to contribute to the family tree. 


Why are you publishing the family tree on a website ?

There are two main reasons for publishing the family tree on a website. The first reason is to share the results with all other Van de Kleut's. Since a large part of the family tree is the same for many people, it would be selfish to keep my findings for myself. Secondly, it is very practical to have the family tree checked for inaccuracies, wrong dates, misspelled names, etcetera by the other Van de Kleut's that visit the website. By always presenting the most recent version of the family tree on the internet, inaccuracies can be found and corrected very quickly.


What kind of information do you exactly need for the family tree ?

My objective is to build a 'Van de Kleut' family tree that is as complete as possible. For this, I prefer to receive the following info:


Your full name.


Your (grand)parents full names. 


Dates and places of birth.


Dates and places of marriage and/or divorce.


Dates and places of death.


The text of the family tree is generated most clearly and accurately when these data can all be entered into my genealogy computer program. If the requested info is not all known to you, you can always make a best guess.


Next to the family tree information, I also collect family pictures to publish in the web album and to add to the portraits slideshow. I think it is nice to share your (old) family pictures with the relatives that have lost these pictures. Beside this, the portraits slideshow gives a nice impression of the family features.


I collect the information of all descendants of 'Steven Jansen van de Kleut', so information on the offspring and partners of female Van de Kleut's is also very much appreciated.


All info can be sent to this email address: vdkleutgmail.com.


How about privacy ?

This is a tricky one. I realize that I am asking for your personal information and then put it on the internet. It is not possible to ask everyone's permission before using info regarding them, since I don't know how to contact most people in the family tree. 

I have dealt with this by setting up the following guidelines for myself:

bulletWhen asked for by someone mentioned in the family tree, I will change or remove the info or materials involving them immediately;
bulletI can use the info that is available to the public (for example on the internet), provided that I do not hurt peoples feelings with the info;
bulletI can use the info I receive from the people that respond to my emails (thus assuming that they also have permission to provide info about their close relatives, if provided);
bulletI will not publish info like email addresses, home addresses, phone numbers, or any other information that could be used to contact you by third parties.
bulletWhen family tree members ask me to provide info in order to contact fellow family tree members, I will only do so if the fellow family member gives me permission first.
bulletThe slideshow with portraits contains mostly portraits of the Van de Kleut's in the web album, but also some pictures of Van de Kleut's that I found on the internet.

In my opinion, the publishing of the family tree info is completely harmless. If you think differently, please contact me and I will adjust the family tree.


My mothers/grandmothers name is Van de Kleut, but mine isn't. Are you still interested ?

Yes please. I collect info of all descendants of 'Steven Jansen van de Kleut', so information on the offspring and partners of female Van de Kleut's is also very much appreciated.


How do I contact you ?

That's very easy. Just send a message to my email address. I will respond as soon as possible.