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As you probably know, 'Van de Kleut' is a family name originating from the Netherlands. Over the years some 'Van de Kleut's have tried their luck in other parts of the world. Today the branches of our family tree have reached Canada, Australia, Italy, Germany, France, Belgium, the USA, the UK, New Zealand and possibly more countries all over the world. For these family tree members I have translated parts of the Dutch family tree into English. 


The family tree

Go to the web page containing the family tree, as it is generated by my genealogy computer program. It is recommended to search within this web page either on first names or on the names of partners, using the search command of your browser (usually Ctrl-F). You can easily jump further to parents or children by using the links in the family tree.


The origin of the family name 'Van de Kleut'

Read all I know about the origin and the meaning of our family name.


The webalbum

This link brings you to the webalbum in the Dutch section of the website. The webalbum contains the family pictures I received from Van de Kleut's from various branches of the family tree. The descriptions of the pictures are only in Dutch, and the links in the webalbum lead to the Dutch web page of the family tree. (good subject for my To Do list). 



A list of questions and answers that were never actually asked, but you might be wondering about.

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Dick van de Kleut

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